Friday, March 20, 2009

Atlanta Film Festival

Can't wait for this festival. I will be there for both of our screenings!

Also, you should know about the film's Georgia roots: Ray McKinnon (from Adel) puts in another tremendous performance and formerly Atlanta-based maestro Ben Lovett (The Signal) did all of our music.

Here's another synopsis we like to use sometimes:

Can we make movies slower and quieter and still make them riveting? That’s the question at the heart of Lullaby. This beautifully shot contemporary film noir takes the genre and spins it off into subtle and meditative directions. Co-written by the creator of The Road to Perdition and starring Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Heat) and Sasha Alexander (NCIS), some have deemed Lullaby the “sweet hitman movie”. The delicate performances and the alarming action make for a great date night. And its atmospheric, brooding tone creates an extremely nervy ride. It’s more emotional than most films in the genre. And while there’s a good share of violence, what really drives Lullaby is character.

And here's hoping to see you all there!

Jeffrey Goodman
The Last Lullaby

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