Monday, August 31, 2009

Official Online Launch of Ben Lovett's Award-Winning Score

Tomorrow is an exciting day! It's the official online launch of Ben Lovett's Award-Winning Score for The Last Lullaby (Ben won Best Original Score at the 2009 Brooklyn International Film Festival.)

Beginning tomorrow, you will be able to purchase his awesome music in four places:


You'll see a link at the very top of the home page. Click there, and it will allow you to purchase the CD. It's $8 + shipping from this site.


You'll see the information right at the very top of Ben's home page. Click there, and it will allow you to purchase the CD. It's also $8 + shipping from this site.

3. Amazon

The score is $9.99 + shipping from this site.

4. iTunes

The score is also $9.99 + shipping from this site.

Ben is a great talent, and his music is really one of the very special parts of The Last Lullaby. As I mention in my liner notes to the CD, I suggest popping it in during a long drive (preferably at night) or one evening when you're in the silence of your own place. Oh, and of course, it makes the most excellent gift.

This CD release is an exciting part of the lead-up to the DVD release of The Last Lullaby. As soon as I have the exact date for the DVD, I'll let all of you know. But I expect it to be in the next four or five weeks. Just so you know, the DVD will be a limited edition version, containing the movie but no special features.

Keep spreading the word!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lullaby Hangs Out in Nola

After a great weekend of screenings/panel in New Orleans, the Zeitgeist Multi Disciplinary Arts Center ( has decided to hold LULLABY over for another week. We play tonight at 7:30 and then August 16-20 at 9:30. Right on.

Also, I did my first ever remote Q&A Monday night with the Arena Theatre Film Club ( in Point Arena, CA. Was pretty awesome and a glimpse at what I'm sure will be more the norm as we move into the Skype Age.

Other things of interest:

a. Today's article in the NYT (

b. Loved doing this weekend's panel on Louisiana independent filmmaking with Zach Godshall (LOW AND BEHOLD) and New Orleans filmmaker/publicist extraordinaire John Alfone. Probably the best panel I've been on yet. Would love to do it again somewhere.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tour Update

We have just extended LULLABY for a second week at the Mos' Art in Florida. Starting Friday, LULLABY will playing at the following theaters:

8/7-8/13 Mos Art Theatre in Lake Park, FL (Lake Park is 12 miles from Palm Beach)
8/7-8/13 Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center in New Orleans

In conjunction with the screenings in New Orleans, there will be a Louisiana independent filmmaking discussion at 5PM on Sunday, August 9th at the Zeitgeist. Zack Godshall, director of the Sundance 2007 feature LOW AND BEHOLD, and I will be discussing our experiences making independent films in Louisiana. John Alfone, New Orleans-based filmmaker, will be moderating the discussion. Can't wait. Should be one of the best panels I've done yet.

I can't thank you enough for your amazing support so far!

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