Wednesday, September 30, 2009

First Run DVD Update

We will have a World Premiere DVD Release and Signing of The Last Lullaby at Guiseppe's in Shreveport, Saturday October 17th from 2-4PM. The film on the 17th will sell for $20.

Then, the film will be available from the film's website ( beginning October 19th. If you buy online, the film will also be $20. But, people could receive a 20%discount, depending on where we end up in our promotions.

Here are the various promotions (they have been going amazingly well since we first launched them twelve days ago. For instance, our Facebook group has gone from 1,262 members to 1,803 members.) Everyone in these respective groups will receive a coupon for a 20% discount on the DVD if before October 19th:

1. We grow our Twitter following to 500 people (we currently have 283 followers).

2. Grow our LULLABY monthly e-mail update list to 5,000 people (we currently have about 3,000 members).

Just send an e-mail to

3. Grow our LULLABY blog to 50 followers (we currently have 25).

These discounts will last for the first month of the film's release. In addition, people who buy the DVD during its first month in release will be entered into a drawing to win several film-related prizes.

Just a reminder, this will be a first run, limited edition DVD (in essence, a DVD of just the movie, but without any special features.)

Please keep spreading the word. You guys are the best.


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