Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Pretty Darn Cool Prizes

If you buy the Limited Edition DVD in the first month of its release (10/19-11/18), you'll be entered into a drawing to win several film-related prizes:

1. Price's (Tom Sizemore) main outfit from the movie
2. Sarah's (Sasha Alexander) hooded coat from the movie
3. Jerry Hardin's camel hair topcoat from the movie
4. Martin's (Bill Smitrovich) navy velour sweatsuit from the movie
5. A lifetime subscription to MovieMaker magazine
6. Jules' (Sprague Grayden) red shoes from the movie
7. Price's chess board from the movie
8. Two of Sarah's blouses from the movie
9. A guaranteed extra role in my next movie

Thanks for all the support!

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