Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Most Memorable in 2009

I've gotten to play catch up in the last couple of months.  And I've pretty much now caught up with everything I really wanted to see from 2008 and 2009.  The one major film I haven't been able to see yet is The Hurt Locker, but I'll check that out the second week of January when it becomes available through Netflix.  All that said, here are the eight most memorable moments I had with movies this year (some just came out, some have been around much longer than I have):

1.  Tulpan (2008) – The most daring movie I saw this year, and the one that most impressed me with its humanity and approach. 
2.  Alien (1979) – Scott pulls off a Jaws; a complex and thoroughly entertaining genre film with characters we actually care about.
3.  Eastern Promises (2007) – Hopefully the start of more Cronenberg crime films.  Is Viggo the greatest actor of his generation?  And is Cronenberg doing even more with crime right now than Michael Mann, David Lynch, and Abel Ferrara?
4.  Broadway Danny Rose (1984) – My first time seeing this Woody Allen film.  I’d forgotten how formally solid and brave he could be while still being as funny as anyone (helium scene!)  Also this is the most impressed I’ve ever been with Mia Farrow’s acting.
5.  Woman Is the Future of Man (2004) – Rohmeresque.  In other words, simple, modern, playful, and real.  And my favorite so far from Hong Sang-soo. 
6.  Chris & Don:  A Love Story (2007) – Two amazing lives; a great story of loyalty, love, and a unique time in American arts. 
7.  Joy Division (2007) – Barney Sumner’s excellent interviews really bring to life the band and their journey.
8.  The Champ (1931) - Campy and dated, maybe, but also human and very moving.

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