Saturday, June 19, 2010

Upcoming Agenda

For the next couple of months, the majority of my posts will probably be short ones on the movies I'm watching.  I'm now focused on filling in the gaps uncovered during my recent countdown from 1926-2008.  Each time I see a new movie, I'll list it under the "Recently Watched" sidebar and throw up a few sentence capsule in red under its respective year. For instance.

Next up are:

3 Hitch (Rich and Strange, Sabotage, Secret Agent)
The Informer
Twentieth Century
Sylvia Scarlett
Captain Blood
A Story of Floating Weeds


  1. Well Jeffrey, this is an excellent lot to launch this new supplementary project. The Ozu and Ford are my absolute faves of these, but there's isn't a weak one here. I'll certainly be checking up on the sidebar for the revisions. I did grow up watching CAPTAIN BLLOD on Saturday morning television decades ago. It's a swashbuckling classic.

  2. Sam, thanks so much. Yes, I'm really looking forward to filling in some of these gaps. Many of these were pointed out in the 1926-2008 countdown that I did.

  3. Looking forward to your thoughts Jeffrey on these and others.

  4. Thanks so much, John. I'm really looking forward to filling in some of these gaps.

    Appreciate all the support and look forward to your thoughts, as well.