Sunday, February 13, 2011

i'll take rembrandt, titian...

Every now and then a song sticks with me.  Here's the one of the current moment:

The Kinks - 20th Century Man (Listen on Youtube)

You got one right now?  I'm curious what it is.


  1. Inspired choice here Jeffrey, and a group I have relished for decades. I'll go with a Kinks song too, since we're in that mode. How about "Waterloo Sunset," a ravishing ballad which was inspired by the romance between Terrence Stamp and Julie Christie?

  2. Thanks, Sam. I never knew that about Waterloo Sunset. A tune I really, really like from The Kinks, too.

  3. Sam, superior choice on WATERLOO. While we're on the subject of the Kinks, I'll go with their epic APEMAN. Only Davies can deliver that special brand of humor!


  4. Great choice, Andrew. While we're on the subject of music, want to recommend to all Keith Richards' autobiography LIFE. Reading it right now, and so far I would highly recommend.