Saturday, May 7, 2011

some tunes floating 'round the turntable

as far as i'm concerned, it's always good news when the beastie boys release a new album. here's a cut (if you can't hear it here, check it on youtube) and a couple of other tracks that have been floating around of late.

The Beastie Boys - Make Some Noise
The Fall - Aspen Reprise
Lil' Kim - Queen Bitch

Listen to all three tunes on Youtube.


  1. My wife's definitely a fan Jeffrey, but I haven't yet discovered their secret. But as Jamie at WitD has proven in the past weeks, never make assumptions! Ha!

  2. Thanks so much, Sam. Yes, The Beastie Boys, of all my tastes, are probably the ones that are among the most polarizing. If you ever want to give 'em another try, I'd probably suggest starting with a listen of their album, Paul's Boutique.