Saturday, June 11, 2011

Other random tunes...

Here's a sampling of a few of the things currently making the rounds on my computer (my 2011 version of a stereo):

Run DMC - Beats to the Rhyme
Keith Jarrett - Koln Concert
Thelonious Monk - Well, You Needn't (hang in there for Blakey's drum solo)
Duke Ellington - Caravan
MC Lyte - Cappuchino
Georges Delerue - Theme de Camille
GZA - Shadowboxing

All seven tunes can be heard on Youtube.


  1. Looks like some classic jazz is finding it's way through your "modern-day" stereo, Jeffrey! Monk and Ellington are music to my ears, and regardless of the row I was incolved in recently over Godard's later work, I do love LE MEPHRIS and appreciate that theme. But you have quite the diverse display here!

  2. Sam, thanks so much for your addition here! I've long been a fan of classic jazz but had somehow gotten away from listening to it, of late. These are two of my favorite all time tracks. And that Delerue theme has to be up there for me as one of my all time favorite movie themes.