Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reckoning, REM, 1984

The first impressions are of something a little less contemplative and perhaps even less lyrical than Murmur.  The mystery that Stipe and the gang cultivated early in REM's career never again seemed so evident. Even the sequencing, the first three songs could all be singles, suggests an attempt at warding off any journalistic attempt to grace the album with masterpiece status.  Reckoning is the shy one, sitting in the corner full of things to say, yet doing its darndest to divert attention at every opportunity.


  1. I've heard this one, but not recently, though I guess I am not a big fan of the group. But my wife is, and can readily identify the tracks. Sounds like you have gone back and forth on it yourself Jeffrey. As always, great musical post! You have me thinking about a re-listen.

  2. Thanks, Sam. I do like this one quite a bit. Low key compared to some of REM's later work, but I think it has some really solid songs on it and a nice, almost warm and fuzzy atmosphere.