Sunday, August 6, 2017


Recently I was inspired by a list that had been circulating on my Twitter Feed where people had been naming their seven favorite films in a certain category.  I had seen #7Fav Film Noir lists, I think John Ford lists and maybe even John Carpenter lists.

Since I do like lists and am always trying to think about how my ratings of certain things change over time, I thought I would do a week or so of my #7Favs on Twitter.  I started with my two favorite periods of film, the French New Wave and the New Hollywood of the seventies, and then I went forward through the decades alternating French and American films.  

Here is where I ended up below:

The Tree of Life
Zero Dark Thirty
At Berkeley
La La Land
Only Lovers Left Alive

Film Socialisme
Blue is the Warmest Color
Saint Laurent
Goodbye to Language
Clouds of Sils Maria

Our song
Mulholland dr
Funny Ha Ha
Femme fatale
All the Real Girls
No Direction Home
No Country for Old Men

Under the sand
Va savoir
Etre et avoir
Les amants reguliers
Secret and the Grain
Love Songs
35 Shots of Rum

My own private idaho
King of new york
Carlito's way
Dead man

A Single Girl
A Summer's Tale
How I Got into An Argument...(My Sex Life)
Van Gogh

Blow Out
Stranger Than Paradise
Melvin and Howard
Blue Velvet
Sherman's March
The Thing
The Big Red One

The Green Ray
Boy Meets Girl
Mauvais Sang
Full Moon in Paris
A nos amours

McCabe & Mrs. Miller
Taxi Driver
The Godfather
Five Easy Pieces
Night Moves
The French Connection

Shoot the Piano Player
Pierrot Le Fou
Vivre Sa Vie
La jetee
Les cousins
Cleo de 5 a 7

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