Sunday, June 9, 2024

Reel Adventures 7 - Trivia Questions

Here were the trivia questions from Reel Adventures 7 at R.W. Norton Art Gallery:

• What brand does Alvin smoke?
• What does Brenda say Wisconsin is?
• What does Alvin tell the doctor he’s not paying for?
• What does Alvin say he needs the grabber for?
• What does Pete say Alvin will never make it past?

• Who was President when Alvin was born?
• When did the hitchhiker tell her boyfriend that she’s pregnant?
• What type of sausage does Rose buy?
• What kind of storm is happening when they receive the phone call that Lyle has had a stroke?
• What does Alvin tell Rose that the doctor said?

• What does Danny Riordan tell Alvin he can do in their yard?
• What is the first thing we see Alvin use the grabber for?
• What happened to the Polish boy?
• What explorer do they refer to in the cemetery?
• What does the lady play real loud to try to scare off the deer?

• Who is the famous real-life brother of the “Olsen twins” in the film?
• Name 3 instances in the film where we hear something but don’t see it.
• What was Tom’s character’s name in Twin Peaks?

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