Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Two interesting lists from France

I recently stumbled across these two lists even though one of them has been around for awhile.  I am a list guy even if I never completely agree with any one list.  A good list always puts another few films on my radar.  Here they are:




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    1. Thanks so much. I hope you will continue to check in.

  2. Wow Jeffrey!!! BOTH of these lists are fascinating, and I have sent the Cashiers list to several friends by e mail. Must say I am shocked that Cashiers did not include a single British film (surely works by Powell & Pressberger, Carol Reed and/or David Lean belonged here---a little Lawrence of Arabia anyone?) but all in all still a most impressive compilation. What really amazed me (though I do love the film) was the #1 placement of THE MOTHER AND THE WHORE on the one list, and it's strong showing on the Cashiers list. It is indeed a very great film! Great post here!

    1. Sam, I apologize for just now getting to this comment. I completely agree. Was incredible that not a single British film received mention on the Cahiers list. But overall I found both lists well thought out and of interest. And of course completely share your sentiments for the Eustache.

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