Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My favorite directorial feature film debuts

I was so impressed by Get Out, it got me thinking about my 10 favorite directorial feature debuts.  Here's where I landed:

Funny Ha Ha
The Traveler
L'Enfance Nue
The 400 Blows
Jour de fete
They Live by Night
Boy Meets Girl
Killer of Sheep


  1. Off the top of my head(may need to rewatch a few)

    Bleak Moments-Mike Leigh
    Badlands-Terrence Malick
    Withnail and I-Bruce Robinson
    Unbelievable Truth-Hal Hartley
    eraserhead- David Lynch

    Just a few that I think are good, all are different in style such as minimalist of bleak Moments to the surreal of eraserhead to the poetic and thoughtful moments of Badlands

  2. Great list! I'm definitely a fan of the Lynch. Unbelievable Truth I've seen I believe but need to revisit. The Leigh debut is one I still need to run down, but I always find his cinema of interest.

  3. Bleak Moments is well worth watching, I am a massive fan of Leigh. The way he can capture the mundane,pointless lives of people is beautiful and harrowing at the same time. Same with the the little bit of joy they get.

  4. I completely agree about Leigh. I will run down his debut very soon!