Sunday, May 31, 2009

Latest Update

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Here's our latest update:

May 31, 2009

Thank you all for taking time to register for our updates. This is a quick update. Today, I will only cover one topic:

- Lullaby Tour

Lullaby Tour

Things continue to go well. We had a great week at the Robinson Film Center and have some very exciting stops ahead of us. I'm still not sure where will be after our week in San Jose. But, I am considering a few other cities and will let you know as soon as I have some more information.

I just wanted to share our schedule again with everyone:

1. 6/5-6/14 Brooklyn International Film Festival

Tickets are now on sale at We screen Sunday, June 7th at 9PM and Monday, June 8th at 8PM. I will be there for both of our screenings.

2. 6/5-6/11 Des Moines, IA at the Fleur Cinema

3. 6/12-6/18 San Jose, CA at the Camera Cinemas 3

If you know anyone in any of these cities, please let them know that we will be in town. I will be in attendance for the Friday evening screenings and all day Saturday for the screenings in Des Moines and San Jose.

We have also generated a couple of more fantastic articles that I wanted to share:

If you have any questions, simply hit reply, and your e-mail will come to me. Thank you all for your tremendous support. Please keep spreading the word!

My very best,

Jeffrey Goodman

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