Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Premiere Weekend -- Amazing

Our weekend results finally came in late Tuesday night. We ended up doing $16,640.75, making us the independent film with the second highest per screen average in North America:

The film that was #1 was The Limits of Control, directed by Jim Jarmusch and distributed by Focus Features, the independent film distribution arm of Universal Studios. The film stars Academy-Award Winner Tilda Swinton and Academy-Award Nominated Bill Murray.

Our per screen average would have made us the independent film with the highest per screen average in the country any of the previous five weeks.

This is an excellent start for the rollout of our film. In fact, I’ve already fielded an e-mail from an exhibitor who has theaters in Portland and San Antonio and is interested in LULLABY.

Our Premiere Weekend was a TOTAL, even amazing success. I have so many people to thank.


  1. This is great news! Congrats! I'm sure the positive attention will keep on rollin' in.

  2. Thanks so much, Kevin! I truly appreciate your support and hope to meet in person one of these days.

    Keep up the great work on your blog (!