Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Some Harmless (and hopefully fun) Movie Trivia

I just recently started a Facebook group and fan page for my new film, Peril:


As part of the group, I'll be doing a daily trivia game.  Here are the questions I've asked so far (they've all been answered).  I hope some of you will join the group and hop into the game from time to time, as well. The answers are all among my favorite films:

Question #1  In this movie, the guy from JAWS pals around with the guy from HOOSIERS?
Question #2  In this movie, Dorothy's husband directs Warren Beatty's sister and a couple of Vegas guys?
Question #3  This movie featuring Keith Jarrett and the Maniac did not win the coveted Palme D'Or. It would take the director eight more years to win the top prize in the film industry.
Question #4  This movie features the Canadian Bob Dylan and Bill's half-brother?
Question #5  In this movie, Ferdinand decides to end it all by painting his face blue and wrapping dynamite around his head?
Question #6  This movie features Laverne's buddy and Han Solo.
Question #7  She once liked David and Martin, in this movie she kinda likes Jeffrey, too?

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