Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lullaby/Peril Updates

Probably the single best way to keep up with The Last Lullaby and Peril is to receive our monthly e-mail updates.  All you have to do is send an e-mail to or

Here's a copy of our latest update that went out this past Friday:

April 23, 2010
Thank you all for taking time to register for our updates. Today I will cover four topics:
- MovieMaker Reboot!
- Next Peril Event
- Lullaby News
- Other Fun Stuff

MovieMaker Reboot!

I'm very excited to announce that I have resumed my blog with MovieMaker, "the world's best-selling independent movie magazine".  MovieMaker has decided to reboot my favorite film from 1926-2008 series that I have been doing for the last several months over at the LULLABY/PERIL blog.  This reboot will bring a whole new audience to the series, and I hope some of you will visit, too:

I also will be documenting LULLABY/PERIL on my new blog for MovieMaker. 
*For most of last year, I blogged weekly for MovieMaker. These posts can be found here:

Next Peril Event

All is going great with PERIL. One of the most fun things we've been doing lately is periodic chats on the internet, using ustream.  This technology allows everyone to tune in at a certain time, see and hear me, and converse using a chat box.  We have our next ustream chat this Tuesday at 9PM, CST.  All of you can tune in from your computer, anywhere in the world, simply by visiting:

An account with ustream is free, but you will need to sign up in order to enable a chat box.  It's a great, new tool. And here's video from our last ustream chat to give you a sense of how they work:

Lullaby News

I will keep you posted on new developments for THE LAST LULLABY.  In the upcoming issue of Videoscope magazine (, there is a wonderful review of the film as well as a fantastic piece, written about LULLABY by Max Allan Collins.  There's also this really nice interview I did recently:

Other Fun Stuff

And just a reminder: over at the PERIL Facebook group (, we're doing a daily movie trivia game.  Each day's winner will be entered into a drawing to win a role as an extra while we're filming PERIL.  The movie trivia game will continue until we hit 3,000 members.  At that time, we'll have the drawing.  We're having fun with it, and I hope that many of you will join the group and come play with us. 
Lastly, as I mentioned in my previous update, I have created several places for people to begin following PERIL.  Here are all the different places we have so far. I hope that many of you will join us here: 
e-mail updates (simply send an e-mail to 
Thank you all for your incredible support.  I couldn't be more excited about the road ahead.  As always, if you have any questions, hit reply and your e-mail will come to me. 
Please keep spreading the word!  You guys are the best. 
Jeffrey Goodman
Chaillot Films


  1. Jeffrey - Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I ordered a copy of The Last Lullaby this evening from the film's website. I'm really looking forward to it, as it seems like the type of movie that is right up my alley. I will definitely throw up some thoughts of it when it arrives... rest assured, it jumps directly to the top of the "to watch pile" as soon as it gets here!

  2. Dave, that is unbelievably nice of you! I look forward to you seeing it.

    Thanks so much for the support!

  3. I got the DVD today, Jeffrey, and was able to watch it this evening... and have come away very impressed! I don't want to write a long essay here (perhaps I should pen a write-up for Goodfellas?!) or come off like I'm kissing up since we're on your blog, but it really was a joy to watch. I'm a completely neophyte to most all indie cinema, but the movie never once wears its "small budget indie film badge" on its sleeve. That probably doesn't read like as big of a compliment as I mean it to be - what I'm saying is, the production is so good that it feels and looks like a major motion picture.

    And knowing your favorite directors, I'm about to pay you as big of a compliment as I probably can... you handle shootouts with a Michael Mann-like deft touch. They are not dragged out to the point of ridiculousness, they go just long enough to play out the suspense. But at the same time, I love that way that you would abruptly start of stop them with a single shot. That opening scene, when the gunshot just comes out of nowhere to kick things nearly made me jump out of my chair. I had a similar reaction near the end at the fateful showdown.

    Great work and I look forward to getting a chance to see your next effort. And don't be surprised if I do write something about your film for Goodfellas in the coming weeks!

  4. Dave, wow first off, it's incredibly kind of you to seek out the film and watch it. And then for you to take the time to write me this extremely complimentary post is truly remarkable.

    You made my day. And I can't thank you enough for having the interest to look at LULLABY (and yes, by all means, please feel free to post something at Goodfellas, too).

    Thanks so much, Dave! What a truly kind gesture.