Monday, December 6, 2010

Quarry is back!

I just got word from Max Allan Collins that his first five Quarry novels are back in print from a little house called Perfect Crime.  You can find them all on Amazon -- QUARRY, QUARRY'S LIST, QUARRY'S DEAL, QUARRY'S CUT, and QUARRY'S VOTE.  Quarry is one of my favorite noir characters and the inspiration for Price in THE LAST LULLABY. He has a laugh out loud sense of humor and is as smooth and clever as they come.


  1. Hey Jeffrey,

    I agree with you, the books are great! I have read three (THE LAST QUARRY, QUARRY IN THE MIDDLE and THE FIRST QUARRY). All are terrifically dark, funny. Anyone who likes reading noirish novel wil enjoys these. Thanks for the heads up on the earlier books!

  2. John, great to hear from you here. Yes, I totally agree with you. Max has a wonderful sense of humor that really comes through in his Quarry character. If you like the latter three novels, I think you'll really enjoy his earlier work, too.