Saturday, July 16, 2011

Road Movies

It's a human trait to want to pick up and start over somewhere else.  Or wander aimlessly without having to commit to a place (or anything for that matter) for very long.  One of my favorite of all types of films is the "road movie", as these feelings of freedom and adventure are at these films' very core.

In the mood for a little wandering, here are a few of my favorite road movies:

Stranger Than Paradise.  Jim Jarmusch.  1984.
Alice in the Cities.  Wim Wenders.  1974.
The Passenger.  Michelangelo Antonioni.  1975.
Kings of the Road.  Wim Wenders.  1976.
In the White City.  Alain Tanner.  1983.


  1. Nice list, esp. picking THE PASSENGER. Some of my faves:

    ROADKILL (the Canadian one directed by Bruce McDonald)

  2. Thanks so much, JD. I could have just as easily mentioned PARIS, TEXAS. I probably love it as much as the others. I really, really like the Hellman flick. And ROADKILL is one I still need to see. Thanks for the heads-up on it.

    Believe it or not, I just caught up with THE PASSENGER for the first time in the last week or so.

  3. All terrific choices here Jeffrey! I especially love THE PASSENGER. I was going to add PARIS TEXAS, but J.D. has done that (his additions are great too!) but I'll mention:

    Easy Rider
    Two For the Road
    Thelma and Louise

  4. Thanks so much for the excellent additions, Sam! I still need to see TWO FOR THE ROAD. I'll definitely do something about that in the near future.