Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A collaboration I'd like to see...

Saw Terrence Malick's latest, The Tree of Life, a couple of times last week and think he and Mark Hollis of Talk Talk need to work together at some point.  Artistic bedfellows, both operating well out of the norm and able to create transcendent, almost religious moments in their work.  They are both very special guys. Challenging, difficult artists. Here are some of my favorite Mark Hollis moments:

Talk Talk - Ascension Day
Talk Talk - April 5th
Talk Talk - I Believe in You

*All songs on YouTube


  1. Terrific thematic connection here between Malick's abstracts and the music and art forms that complement it. I know TREE OF LIFE made a tremendous impression on you Jeffrey, after the two viewings, and I fully understand why you'd probe for some thematic and artistic kinship.

  2. Thanks so much, Sam! Malick's latest did make a really profound impression on me, and this kinship between Hollis and him seems pretty valid.