Sunday, August 14, 2011

Latest news on LULLABY (and) PERIL

Here's my latest update on my two film projects.  I send these out about once every couple months:

August 13, 2011
Thank you all for taking time to register for our updates.  Today I will cover
four topics:

- Lullaby Distribution
- Update
- Facebook Fan Pages!
- Other Fun Stuff

Lullaby Distribution
As I mentioned in my previous update, we have signed with Level 33 Entertainment to distribute The Last Lullaby in the United States.  On September 13, a new, upgraded DVD will be available to purchase.  It is already available as a pre
order at Amazon ( Sizemore/dp/B00555ZTHO/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1313240086&sr=1-1), as well as in a multitude of other places.  The distributor has asked me to go ahead and also encourage everyone to add the film to their Netflix queue (  It will be available as a rental on Netflix very soon.

The new DVD will include some fun things like deleted scenes, as well as the option to play the film for the first time in 5.1 surround sound.  All of this is fantastic news as it will allow many more people to discover and see our film.  

The Last Lullaby continues to find an audience. One of the most popular independent film radio shows, Film Courage, just let us know that we're the #2 most-watched show of all time.  That is a fantastic honor.  Here's a link to the piece if you would like to have a listen:

I also continue to move forward with my next film, Peril.  I'm still putting all the money together, but I am extremely excited about the film and very optimistic looking ahead. 

Facebook Fan Pages!
I continue to grow the audience around both Peril and The Last Lullaby.  If you haven't already, please take a second to join our Facebook Fan Pages for Peril and
Just click on the links above and then click "Like!"
Jeffrey Goodman

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