Monday, July 24, 2023

4th Reel Adventures Trivia

Here's the trivia I asked for our 4th Reel Adventures:

Round One

·        What is the sealant Jerry insists on selling?  

·        What sport does Jerry love? 

·        What is Norm’s nickname?  

·        Who is in concert at the Carlton Celebrity Room?  

·        What tag does Lou have the state looking for a match on?  


Round Two

·        What band’s poster is in Scotty’s bedroom?  

·        What fast food do Marge and Norm eat in Marge’s office?  

·        What does Marge tell Jerry she’s investigating when she first meets him?  

·        What hotel does Marge meet Mike in?  

·        What cent stamp does Norm win?  


Round Three

·        What does Gaear say he needs when he’s bit on the hand?  

·        What is the song playing at the buffet where Marg and Norm eat lunch?  

·        What sport is playing on the King of Clubs TV when Jerry first enters?  

·        What kind of OJ does Scotty drink?  

·        What is the capital of the state of the city of the movie’s title?  


Bonus Round

·        Which of the Coen brothers is credited with directing Fargo?  

·        What are the five major studios today?  

·        Who is Roderick Jaynes?  

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