Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rex Sikes' Movie Beat

Excited, today at 10AM CST I'll be doing Part 2 of Rex Sikes' wonderful radio show.  Hope some of you will tune in live.


  1. Jeffrey,

    I wanted to tune in but in the end I couldn't.

    I was wondering if, once I have seen THE LAST LULLABY, if you would mind me writing a review of it on my blog.

  2. Hey Stephen,

    No problem at all about missing the interview. I just appreciate your interest and efforts.

    As for writing a review on LULLABY, I'd love for you to see it and do that. Thanks, Stephen.


  3. Ah Jeffrey, I missed this too, as I've been running around, but of course I'll be checking back for future developments!

  4. Thanks so much, Sam! I truly appreciate all the support.