Thursday, November 12, 2009

6 Days!

We're only days away now from the drawing for The Last Lullaby Prizes. I have a little more information to share:

Anyone, anywhere can follow the drawing live at 7PM CST on November 18th. All you have to do is go to

Anyone purchasing a DVD during its first month in release will be automatically entered into the drawing (entries close at 7PM CST on the 18th). People are entered according to the number of DVDs they buy. In other words, someone who purchases ten copies will be entered into the drawing ten times.

The prizes again are:

1. Tom Sizemore's main outfit from the movie (pictured here)
2. Sasha Alexander's hooded coat from the movie (pictured here)
3. Jerry Hardin' camel hair topcoat from the movie
4. Bill Smitrovich's navy velour sweatsuit from the movie
5. A lifetime subscription to MovieMaker magazine
6. Sprague Grayden's red shoes from the movie
7. Tom Sizemore's chess board from the movie
8. Two of Sasha's blouses from the movie
9. A guaranteed extra role in my next movie

Remember all of you can now purchase a DVD from the film's website
(, you will see a link at the very top of our home page. Just click on the DVD icon, and it will take you to our store.

I hope to see many of you there. This is the first time we've done anything like this. Plus, I must say, the prizes are pretty awesome.

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