Friday, November 6, 2009


Admittedly, I'm way late on this, but there's some tremendous work being done on some blogs across the country. We're talking, major cinephiles, having serious, very thoughtful discussions about film and cinema. Here are a few of my faves I've unfortunately only recently discovered:

You a lonely cinephile? Can't find anyone with whom to dialogue? Check out these guys. I was once living in Los Angeles and handing out flyers to strangers leaving the arthouses, just hoping I could find some fellow cinephiles. I'm so appreciative to find these guys and a few others.

Many of them have been very supportive of LULLABY and me, too. In the last two days, Kevin Olson over at "Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies" ran these two pieces on us:


  1. Thank you Jeffrey! I am honored to be included on this list.

  2. Absolutely. Your blog is so fantastic and just such a great resource for any cinephile. Thanks for all your excellent work.